WM Modify RFQ Cube 2020 01 14 v 1f

Short description Cube sample test
SKU: Test 70x SKU
Leveringsdato: 3-9 Weeks
Cube material Description
Width description
Max 30,33 width
Min 5,50 width
Value must be numeric
Depth description
Max 20,2222 depth
Min 1 depth
Height description
1.00 mm
100.00 mm
Max 100 height
Min 1 height
Select Sharp or Radius
Select English or Norwegian
Edge radius description
Max radius 30
Min radius 1 mm
Value must be numeric
kr 123,00
kr 180,00

Demonstration of Excel computations based on attributes and Customer Input, as a sample Product for Plugin design

Cube surface area, cm2 1380
Cube selected material Steel
Cube weigth, gram 26579.32662525
Cube volume, cm3 3301
Type drawing Type Drawing Test 700D.PDF
Tech Data Sheet Product Information Test 700D.PDF
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